Rape Accusation Culture

To hear some people tell it, there exists a culture where rape is socially acceptable. Not under some foreign “Islamo-fascist” regime in a land far far away, but right here in America. All over the world, really. It’s something of a conspiracy, perpetrated by the elusive patriarchy. A large, and growing number of radical ideologues are promoting this concept of “rape culture” and demanding something be done to stop it.

Now, this is pretty clever on their part. Starting a political movement that claims to be opposed to rape sounds good, right? I mean, who doesn’t oppose rape?

Wait a second, there’s a problem here. On the one hand, rape is socially acceptable, hence the concept of rape culture to begin with. On the other hand we have a population who dives right in without thinking, as soon as you say you oppose rape. How can these two things exist in the same universe? 

Look at the case of Bill Cosby presently in the news. Rape accusations, some more than two decades old, are coming back to haunt him just as he’s about to do a comedy special and a miniseries, both of which have been postponed or cancelled as a result. When a rape accusation is this old, it’s impossible to prove. There is no possible way his accusers could ever make a case against him today, even though they quite easily could have had they reported the incidents in a timely manner. Instead they waited until now, until he had some big money on the line. Why?

Surprisingly enough, this culture that finds rape so socially acceptable, takes a baseless allegation against a well known comedian who has been in front of our faces for decades, and ruins his career over it. It will never be proven, there is no evidence, but better safe than sorry, right?

How does this equal “rape culture”?

A more recent story has the University of Virginia suspending all fraternities and sororities, because Rolling Stone Magazine published a story about a gang rape that allegedly happened at one of them more than three years ago. Again, completely impossible to prove more than three years after the fact, but the aliased “Jackie” felt compelled to tell her story all these years later, and demands action nonetheless. If the story is true, “Jackie” was brutally beaten and gang raped, she had obvious injuries that could easily have been documented. DNA samples could have been taken. People saw her at the party, they knew she was on a date with one of the boys from the frat. Had she not gone back to her dorm room and hidden the incident, the perpetrators would have been swiftly prosecuted, kicked out of school, and more than likely imprisoned.

Instead, she waited three years. She now “comes forward” (or is completely full of shit, anybody’s guess), and demands something be done. Not about her alleged rape, but about “rape culture”.

The school, having no idea what to do with this absurd demand, suspends all the fraternities and sororities.

I ask again, how does this imply rape is socially acceptable?

Rape Accusation Culture
Rape Accusation Culture

It requires some ideological acrobatics, but that’s never been difficult for the American left, has it? Contradictory beliefs are part and parcel of all statist ideology, and so it’s not difficult to believe such contradictions would be held within a policy agenda. The trick is to redefine rape altogether.

In fact, many of the activities we normally perceive to be consensual are actually rape, or promoting rape, according to these activists.

Things like “sexualizing” women in the media make rape socially acceptable. Having sex with a woman who has been drinking, even if she consents, even if she begs for it, is sexual assault. Murder a bunch of men? Yeah, that’s rape culture. For that matter, pretty much any sexual contact a woman regrets the next day, month, year, or decade, is rape. Why beat around the bush? Let’s just say it, all sex is rape. Talking to people is rape. Violence against men doesn’t matter, it’s talking to women that needs addressing. Truth be damned, the feminists have an agenda, and the leaders of the world better carry it out.

What do you end up with when you throw out ever legal standard that has ever existed, and replace it with feminist hysteria?

Rape accusation culture.

No evidence necessary, just point your finger, ladies, and men will go to prison. Just say the word, and their reputations and careers will be ruined. Simply bat your eyes at a policeman, and he’ll snatch up any ex boyfriend you feel jilted by. Sure it won’t stop any actual rapes, but that was never the point. The point is the same as everything else feminists promote, to demonize an entire gender, and engage in a never ending quest to quench the State’s insatiable thirst for more power.

This article created quite the fuss after making the front page of A Voice for Men…

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