State of Emergency in Missouri – My Shocking Response

UPDATE 11/24/2014 Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted.

Check out these racist tweets about the grand jury announcement!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably expect me to blame this on police. To talk about the police state in America. To say that killing any cop is justified. It makes sense, I supported Eric Frein, Justin Bourque, and Paul Ciancia. Reasonable to assume I would support Michael Brown, right? Fuck Darren Wilson, he was just another violent criminal, right?


Michael Brown was a strong armed robber. He was an aggressor who would have been dealt with harshly in a free society. If Missouri didn’t have a 45 day waiting period, a $100 fee, and training and background check requirements for a concealed carry permit, he may well have been shot by the store clerk on the spot. Of course, then he would have been treated like George Zimmerman by the race pimp liberals, and that brings its own set of problems.

Instead, the clerk was even afraid to call the police, we all know there’s a million reasons why he would think this is a bad idea. A witness called instead, and gave them Brown’s description, which was later confirmed on the video tape of the robbery, and confirmed by his surviving accomplice, Dorian Johnson.

Ferguson Race Rioters Light Molotov Cocktails in Support of Strong Armed Robber Michael Brown
Ferguson Race Rioters Light Molotov Cocktails in Support of Strong Armed Robber Michael Brown

So while cops are contemptible mercenaries, themselves a member of the most ruthless gang in the history of the world, they do provide a valuable service every once in awhile. Taking Michael Brown off the streets was one of those valuable services. He went to apprehend a violent criminal, that violent criminal went for his gun, and he rightfully got his dumb ass shot for it.

But the liberal media won’t tell you that. They tell you this cop shot an “unarmed black teen” because of “racism”. I’m anti-government, not anti intellectual integrity. I will not stoop to the level of race baiting, and neither should you. The state of emergency is not about white people hating black people. It’s not about racially motivated violence, except that blacks are being motivated to hurt everyone because of liberal race hysteria.

Notorious Race Pimp Supports Ferguson Race Riots
Notorious Race Pimp Supports Ferguson Race Riots

Everyone who is supporting race rioters in Ferguson – just because they are black – should be fucking ashamed of themselves, because that’s some despicably racist shit. When you excuse an entire class of people from responsibility for their behavior, that’s racist. The soft racism of low expectations. You set the bar lower for women, for blacks, for Hispanics, because you think they are not capable of the same things as white males, or for that matter, Jewish or Asian people who have had some horrible injustices levied against them. I don’t pay them this disservice, I expect everything of them that I expect of white people. That’s what RESPECT is all about.

Especially libertarians, if you see a libertarian posting anything about standing with these animals in Ferguson, call him out on his bullshit. Race baiting is no way to deal with the problem of government, it does the exact opposite by giving into left wing race hysteria which drives gun bans, speech bans, and the politically correct horseshit I spend my days fighting when I could be fighting the State itself. It is a horrible distraction from the issues, and nobody should be taken seriously who engages in it.

If you want to kill cops to promote liberty, fine. If you want to kill innocent people, loot businesses, and generally behave like animals over racial hysteria in the liberal media, then I’d prefer you do yourself in. Because the last thing this world needs is more racially motivated violence, race hysteria, or liberal bullshit. Frankly, cops are easier to deal with, at least they die when you shoot them, race hysteria just keeps getting worse.

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