Annoyed people at riot

State of Emergency in Missouri – My Shocking Response

UPDATE 11/24/2014 Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted.

Check out these racist tweets about the grand jury announcement!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably expect me to blame this on police. To talk about the police state in America. To say that killing any cop is justified. It makes sense, I supported Eric Frein, Justin Bourque, and Paul Ciancia. Reasonable to assume I would support Michael Brown, right? Fuck Darren Wilson, he was just another violent criminal, right?


Michael Brown was a strong armed robber. He was an aggressor who would have been dealt with harshly in a free society. If Missouri didn’t have a 45 day waiting period, a $100 fee, and training and background check requirements for a concealed carry permit, he may well have been shot by the store clerk on the spot. Of course, then he would have been treated like George Zimmerman by the race pimp liberals, and that brings its own set of problems.

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