"Second Wave" Libertarianism aka Communism

Against “Second Wave Libertarianism”

I am exhausted.

"Second Wave" Libertarianism aka Communism
“Second Wave” Libertarianism aka Communism

Not from writing, editing video, or doing radio. Not from relentless attacks on me and my website. Not from watching Republicans and Democrats argue over how big the next war should be. It’s not the work I do, the resistance I meet in doing it, or the stamina of my enemy that exhausts me. What saps my energy more than any hangover or day at the gym could ever hope to do, what makes me consider going back to New York, and toiling with computers in the offices of financial industry fat cats who could give a fuck if I live or die, is the all too real prospect that I might be going through all of this effort for nothing.

I long ago gave up on most of the human race. That I could say to them “Hey, maybe a global system of coercion to fund wars isn’t the greatest of ideas” and they would dismiss me as some kind of lunatic for saying so, leaves me, shall we say, with little interest in their well being. I moved to New Hampshire so I could be surrounded by people who understood the insanity of that system, and build a free society with them. Unfortunately, with each day that passes I lose ever more hope not only for humanity at large, but also for the libertarian movement I once hoped might save some portion of our species.

What makes me lose hope for the future of the libertarian movement is not PRISM, ISIS, or the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency. It’s not my own personal or political struggles. It’s not even that Rand Paul promotes an interventionist foreign policy, and still gets taken seriously by “libertarian thinkers”.

It’s the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC.

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