Critiques of my Self Defense Incident Refuted

Critiques of My Self Defense Incident Refuted

I have remarked before, that it’s sort of my job to be hated. I’d venture to say I’ve become quite good at this. So whenever I draw a great deal of attention to myself, there is obviously a certain expectation of negative feedback. Often, this is intentional. I am saying controversial things that I know will get people into angry conversations, I do this for promotional reasons, and to get people discussing important topics, so it is not at all unexpected.

Critiques of my Self Defense Incident Refuted
Critiques of my Self Defense Incident Refuted

This time, I am quite surprised. After being compelled to pull a gun on some lunatics last weekend, there has been a rush to judgement on the part of so many people who I would have expected to be in my corner. Just as surprising, was the change of heart in some of my enemies who felt compelled to stand up for me on the subject. But hey, I love surprises, it keeps things interesting, so thank you to all parties.

In any case, I think there were some valid and invalid complaints, and I’d like to take the time to discuss them.

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