Donald Trump: A Reminder That The GOP Is Hopeless

Donald Trump: A Reminder That The GOP Is Hopeless

Donald Trump is dominating the news. Not because he came up with some kind of groundbreaking policy proposal, or said something really profound and awe inspiring, or even because anybody seriously expects him to become president of the United States. He’s dominating my news feeds because he is…. trolling Megyn Kelly on Twitter?

Well, in all fairness to the media, it’s not entirely that. Not too many people would care that he was trolling Fox News personalities on Twitter, if he wasn’t the frontrunner of the Republican presidential primary race. And in all fairness to the Republican Party, he probably won’t be the frontrunner once the field gets a bit more consolidated. But until a few of these 17 “candidates” are bribed or extorted out of the running, that’s his position, and he is going to squeeze every ounce of publicity out of it that he can.

It really does say something quite terrible about likely Republican primary voters though, that he ever even came close to such a position. Sure his rejection of political correctness is a much needed breath of fresh air. Sure his financial success looks like the epitome of free market capitalism to the average Fox News viewer, but that’s sorta the problem with your average Fox News viewer being the base of your political party.

There are nearly limitless things for a libertarian to complain about with Donald Trump, but I’ll focus on two for now.

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