Goodbye Cuck Talk Live

For the second, and final time, I am parting ways with Free Talk Live. In case you’re unfamiliar, FTL is a nationally syndicated talk radio show which I’ve co-hosted for the better part of the last year. It airs live from Keene, New Hampshire 7 nights a week from 7-10pm Eastern on 150+ broadcast stations across the United States, as well as online and on satellite.

I had been suspended from the show a few months ago for calling a social justice warrior a nigger on Twitter. I’d have gone into more detail, but that 140 character limit doesn’t make for a good debate on the finer points of American race relations. Second chair and ad sales rep, Mark Edge demanded I retract the statement and apologize, threatening to quit the show if I remained on without doing so. I refused to apologize for the act, or retract the statement. I was suspended by Ian Freeman and then reinstated a couple of months later. Much to the chagrin of Mark and others.

Goodbye Cuck Talk Live
Goodbye Cuck Talk Live

Earlier this week, a Free Talk Live supporter by the name of Chris Morris posted a Stefan Molyneux video to the AMPlifiers group on Facebook (The Free Talk Live AMP program is a donations based support mechanism for listeners of the show, and membership in the group is a perk). The video, which I had recently seen, was titled The Bell Curve: IQ, Race and Gender | Charles Murray and Stefan Molyneux. Unsurprisingly, the mention of race and IQ in the same discussion led to baseless allegations of racism against Stefan by Mr. Morris, Mark Edge, and Johnson Rice. They carelessly lobbed these allegations despite no hateful rhetoric being uttered whatsoever, despite repeatedly stating that this was not a means by which to judge individuals, and despite Molyneux linking in the annotations of the video to another video where he discussed the opposite theory with another man by the name of James Flynn.

It became obvious to me that none of these men had done the slightest bit of research into what they were saying, and they merely smeared Stefan as a racist for daring to make an intellectual inquiry into a very difficult subject. To me, this type of intellectual cowardice, this anti-intellectual, anti-science politically correct sort of thinking is every bit as much to blame for the problems we have as a society, as is the initiatory violence of the State. If people were willing to think instead of going into knee jerk conniptions every time they became uncomfortable with a topic, we could actually figure out some problems with our brains instead of letting our guns do the talking so frequently as we as a society do today.

Unfortunately, today is not so different than yesteryear in that race quite clouds the judgement of otherwise well meaning people, and people with sinister intentions often use this to their advantage. The purportedly egalitarian racial agenda of the American left, and the more recent emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, may serve as high profile modern examples of this. But their only separation from the racial agenda of Nazi Germany is that the faces and time frames have changed, and that we have yet to see where the modern version ends up. They both stir racial sentiment to cloud judgement and to make government policy decisions in the midst of that fog. I would posit that this is incapable of leading to anything other than death and destruction, and since the modern racial language is aimed against whites, I feel threatened by it personally.

Most white people dare not speak against it, because of course it is hazardous to one’s career, and in certain places can even land you in prison. For all this white oppression people claim is holding the black man down, it is certainly odd to see that any white person who makes any critique of blacks in response to their often violent rhetoric against whites, is quickly chased from polite society. Not by blacks, but by his fellow whites.

It is almost too obvious to mention that a black man presently resides in the White House, on his second term, or that a black pediatric neurosurgeon (who is darker skinned than the president, it’s worth pointing out)  is currently polling second in the presidential primary of the political party everybody likes to think of as racist.

This would suggest to me that the trendy liberal notion that blacks are in poverty, and filling up prisons, solely due to white racism, is quite absurd. If one were interested in resolving such demographic disparities, it would be incumbent upon such a person to determine their true cause. One of those avenues of investigation is IQ, since it is not seriously disputed that blacks fall behind whites on average in IQ tests. If an intelligence disparity correlates with disparities in economic instability and criminality, only an intellectual coward, or someone who cares not for the struggles of black people, could dare shy away from such an inquiry.

Necessarily, that inquiry leads to being called a racist. It usually goes no further than that, since calling someone a racist is the opposite of making an argument. Those who do bother to make an argument will point out that peoples of depressed economic environments, even when genetically indistinguishable from peoples in prosperous economic environments, also show IQ disparities. In the Facebook conversation that ensued, none of Molyneux’s detractors bothered to do this, they just called he and I racists. I did them the favor of pointing this out, and they didn’t even bother to pick it up.

Even if they had the intelligence to make that argument, it still doesn’t explain away a genetic origin. Firstly, the brain is a bodily organ. To deny that DNA plays a role in its development is to suggest human beings are mere blank slates upon which society imprints itself. Were this true I suppose it would come as a great comfort to people with congenital defects of all sorts, but of course it is utterly ridiculous.

If one insists on blaming whites for the struggles of blacks, then it helps to take a look back before whites and blacks were coming into frequent contact. As it turns out, despite being on a continent rich in natural resources, Africans hadn’t even figured out the wheel by the time Europeans had shown up with a mastery of intercontinental travel and warfare. One of these societies was staggeringly more advanced than the other, and if you want to pretend that intelligence had nothing to do with it, then I feel quite comfortable to say you are left with a choice of being called stupid or dishonest.

The available evidence, combined with even a modicum of reasoning capacity, shows that intelligence starts at a genetic level, and is later impacted by environment. There are epigenetic impacts as well, so as the environment improves, so can the genetic impact. The lives of blacks, despite being enslaved for quite awhile, have dramatically improved in America compared to Africans who share their ancestry. So if you want to help blacks come up out of their poverty and cesspool neighborhoods, then you first need to stop blaming whites, and compel them to address their own issues. Minimum wages, welfare statism, and white society’s reluctance to defend itself have all deterred this improvement from coming about.

I didn’t become an anarchist because I thought it would make me wildly popular. I didn’t become an atheist for love of comforting lies. So when race became a front burner topic in current events, I knew I was in for a rough ride. It’s just sad and pathetic that people with the courage to take on the modern State, are still too cowardly to take on a mere conversation about race in an honest manner.

Quoted below is an email Ian sent out to the Free Talk Live mailing list. In it, he says I’m “no longer allowed” to co-host Free Talk Live. Below that email is a copy & paste of an instant messenger discussion, where I resigned from the show prior, and I also dropped out of a speaking engagement Ian still wanted me to participate in here in Keene called Keenevention.

Ian begins the email saying that I have been “bringing up” the issue of race, apparently failing to remember that I was responding to someone else who brought it up. He also seems blissfully unaware that race comes up in discussion on Free Talk Live and elsewhere all the time. As recently as yesterday there was the discussion of Ahmed Muhammed, who brought a fake bomb to school and had the nerve to blame racism when he got in trouble for it. Ian just never notices it, because like most people he is all too happy to continue the narrative that all people are perfect equals and any problems they have are the result of racist white people, and cops in particular.

Take your pick of criminals, from Trayvon Martin, to Michael Brown, to Sandra Bland, he and all the other hosts with the exception of me, are all too happy to sum this up to white racism. If that’s what you call libertarians not caring about race, then you’re out of your fuckin mind. That’s a racially obsessed worldview that blames white people for the problems of blacks, despite the terrible behavior of the particular black people in question. That soft bigotry of low expectations is counterproductive. Trayvon Martin got shot by a hispanic man while he beat that man’s head into the concrete. Michael Brown tried to take a cop’s gun while fleeing a robbery. Sandra Bland resisted arrest during a traffic stop, and then ended her own life.

If you want to improve people’s lives, tell them to stop assaulting, stealing, and committing suicide. Investigate why they do such things in such disparately higher numbers to whites. If you want to see them continue in this awful manner, then by all means, blame me and white society. I’ll just keep on telling the truth on my own platforms. I won’t be bullied or silenced. I’ll debate any worthwhile person on any worthwhile topic.

That’s more than I can say for the cuckolds at FTL and the libertarian movement at large. So I hope you’ll consider signing up for my email list and making a financial contribution to keeping this thing going. Somebody has to say these things, and it’s not fucking easy, ladies and gentlemen.


Ian’s Email



Chris Cantwell was one of the most talented cohosts we’ve ever had on Free Talk Live.  In addition, he’s a dedicated activist for liberty.  He’s known for having controversial views, and generally, that’s a good thing for talk radio.  However, recently he’s been bringing up an issue that really shouldn’t matter to libertarians – race.
As a liberty-minded person, I know that individuals should only be judged by their words and actions, not the color of their skin, where they were born, their hair color, height, gender, or any other arbitrary factors.  Even if it’s true, as Chris has claimed, that asians score higher on IQ tests than whites and that whites score higher than blacks, who cares?  If only the individual matters, what’s the point of talking about groups?
Talking about groups only divides people when we should be reaching out to people of all shapes, colors, and sizes with the ideas of liberty.
While I want Free Talk Live to be an entertaining talk show, and Chris is certainly an entertaining personality, the entertainment aspect of the show only serves to keep people listening to the principles of liberty and peace.  Chris’ opinions about race are not helping bring people to liberty and are in fact working counter to that.
Therefore, he is no longer welcome as a co-host on Free Talk Live.
Chris believes he is on some kind of quest for truth, but with so much truth to be uncovered in this world, I can’t understand why this is so important to him.  To be clear, Chris is still welcome to call into the show, just like anyone else.  Free Talk Live is open phones every night.  We’ll address this issue if it’s brought up – no one is backing down from the conversation on FTL – it’s just not appropriate for a host of the show to hold Chris’ views on this.
I won’t go so far as to call Chris a racist, but he won’t do anything to make people think he’s not, and that’s a problem.  He’s the last person I would have expected to collectivize people into groups and I hope someday he sees his error.
I appreciate the entertainment and dedication he did bring to the show and wish him the best in his future endeavors.  You can find his blog at
Thank you for your continued support of Free Talk Live,


My conversation with Ian


Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 00:54]
welp, I just saw the thread between you and Mark

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 01:03]
Mark’s a lit fuse right now

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 01:03]
He suggested to me he’s considering quitting again. That’s when I told him to talk to you. Instead, he’s doing this.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 01:32]
If there’s something you can say to not sound racist, you should probably do that on that thread ASAP.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 03:15]
Ian, if Mark is going to threaten to quit every time race is mentioned, then I’m not going to be on the show for long anyway. Not much point in backing down from it.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 12:27]
Well at this point he has suggested he might threaten to quit, but race has been more than mentioned. He’s gotten you to to give several reasons that make you sound like blacks are genetically inferior to whites. Now I am in a very uncomfortable position. Even if the evidence is true and backs your position, so what? Shouldn’t only the individual matter? Shouldn’t as a libertarian this search for truth on the subject of race be pointless?

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 13:23]
You can answer that on the thread, please.

In other news, rave tonight in Rhode Island. Want to tag along?

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:02]
Sorry to hear you’re uncomfortable. If it helps at all I can walk from FTL, but I won’t sit there while people are smeared for an intellectual inquiry. I presented information which contradicted the positions of the cowards and fools who made those smears, and predictably all that is forthcoming are more smears. I will stand against that manner of discourse wherever I can. It would be nice to do so with the added benefit of Free Talk Live’s audience, but I’d rather lose access to that audience than participate in the furtherance of such anti-intellectualism.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:03]
No raves for me, but thanks for the invite.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:05]
The discomfort comes not from the topic but the fact that two friends of mine have put me into a position where I have to make a decision that I would prefer not to make.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:06]
If you’re in that spot, I’ll make the decision for you. Take Mark as a simple staffing matter. I’m at the end of my rope and seeking an exit strategy. Your long term business interests are better served through him.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:07]
I hope it’s clear to you that I was willing to take a financial hit to allow you back onto the FTL platform,

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:07]
But I can’t lose my salesman

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:07]

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:08]
You’re off the show as a host until further notice, but of course still welcome as a caller.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:08]
And this is only business. You’re still my friend who I love and appreciate.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:09]
I’m resigning from the show, and uninterested in returning. It was fun while it lasted.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:10]
You’re still speaking at Keenevention. You are not being ostracized by me.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:11]

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:11]
Though, I’d appreciate you confirming your speech will not be covering any race issues. I don’t want my conference to be about that. I see this search of truth of yours to be divisive and counterproductive.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:13]
I wasn’t going to address race in the address. But I’m going to pull out of Keenevention too now.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:14]

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:15]
I was going to offer a discount code for your listeners

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:19]
There are a number of reasons, but ultimately I’m no longer comfortable encouraging people to move here.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:21]
This sounds drastic. You mean Keene or NH entirely?

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:28]
My list of complaints spans clear from here to Lancaster, obviously.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:29]
I’d hate to see you bail entirely. The fun’s just getting started.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:30]
I accept your cancelation on Keenevention and I’ll try to find another keynote. I’ll still give you a comped VIP ticket and a discount code for your listeners if you want to stay on at least as an attendee.

Christopher Cantwell, [19.09.15 14:33]
I’m not having fun, Ian. I’m sick of this crap. I’m surrounded by rivals, cowards, liars, debtors, crazies, and fools. I’m in poverty, my love life suffered, I’m getting death threats. I stuck it out for the hope matters would improve, but losing the house to JP was my last straw, and this particular dust up simply serves as cause to invest more effort in finding a better strategy.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:35]
I suspect people will disappoint you no matter where you go.

Ian Freeman, [19.09.15 14:36]
I have something for you. I’ll catch up to you about it at a later time.




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