For the second, and final time, I am parting ways with Free Talk Live. In case you’re unfamiliar, FTL is a nationally syndicated talk radio show which I’ve co-hosted for the better part of the last year. It airs live from Keene, New Hampshire 7 nights a week from 7-10pm Eastern on 150+ broadcast stations across the United States, as well as online and on satellite.

I had been suspended fromĀ the show a few months ago for calling a social justice warrior a nigger on Twitter. I’d have gone into more detail, but that 140 character limit doesn’t make for a good debate on the finer points of American race relations.Ā Second chair and ad sales rep, Mark Edge demanded I retract the statement and apologize, threatening to quit the show if I remained on without doing so. IĀ refused to apologize for the act, or retract the statement. I was suspended by Ian Freeman and thenĀ reinstated a couple of months later. Much to the chagrin of Mark and others.

Goodbye Cuck Talk Live
Goodbye Cuck Talk Live

Earlier thisĀ week, a Free Talk Live supporter by the name of Chris Morris posted a Stefan Molyneux video to the AMPlifiers group on Facebook (The Free Talk Live AMP program is a donations based support mechanism for listeners of the show, and membership in the group is a perk). The video, which I had recently seen, was titledĀ The Bell Curve: IQ, Race and Gender | Charles Murray and Stefan Molyneux. Unsurprisingly, the mention of race and IQ in the same discussion led to baseless allegations of racism against Stefan by Mr. Morris, Mark Edge, and Johnson Rice.Ā They carelessly lobbed these allegationsĀ despite no hateful rhetoric being uttered whatsoever, despite repeatedly stating that this was not a means by which to judge individuals, and despite Molyneux linking in the annotations of the video to another video where he discussed the opposite theory with another man by the name of James Flynn.

It became obvious to me that none of these men had done the slightest bit of research into what they were saying, and they merely smeared Stefan as a racist for daring to make an intellectual inquiry intoĀ a very difficult subject. To me, this type of intellectual cowardice, this anti-intellectual, anti-science politically correct sort of thinking is every bit as much to blame for the problems we have as a society, as is the initiatory violence of the State. If people were willing to think instead of going into knee jerk conniptions every time they became uncomfortable with a topic, we could actually figure out some problems with our brains instead of letting our guns do the talking so frequently as weĀ as a society do today.

Unfortunately, today is not so different than yesteryear in that race quite clouds the judgement of otherwise well meaning people, and people with sinister intentions often use this to their advantage. The purportedly egalitarian racial agenda of the American left, and the more recent emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, may serve as high profileĀ modern examples of this. But their only separation from the racial agenda of Nazi Germany is that the faces and time frames have changed, and that we have yet to see where the modern version ends up. They both stirĀ racial sentiment to cloud judgement and to make government policy decisions in the midst of that fog. I would posit that this is incapable of leading to anything other than death and destruction, and since the modern racial language is aimed against whites, I feel threatened by it personally.

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