Why Fake Being A Libertarian?

Why fake being a libertarian? They have no political power to speak of, hell, for the most part, they don’t even want political power. Certainly, there’s more money to be made by being a fake liberal, or a fake conservative? Right? If you were going to fake being something, it would probably make a lot more sense to fake being something more popular than a libertarian, wouldn’t it?

fakelibertarianOf course, this line of thinking doesn’t stop there from being a great number of fake libertarians out there. Between Rand Paul supporting drone strikes on Americans, and Antonio Buehler calling everything under the sun racist, there sure does seem to be a great deal of fake libertarianism going on, so what’s the motive?

The reasons are plentiful, and relatively obvious to anyone who cares to take a look at it. So when when one of the most perversely fake libertarians to ever walk the face of the earth tweeted “If I were going to fake something, it’d be something WAY cooler than libertarian.” I just had to write this article.

For starters, Cathy Reisenwitz basically says here that libertarianism isn’t cool. She’s just a libertarian, because, you know, she’s a fuckin martyr. She’s just hopelessly attached to libertarianism whether she likes it or not, apparently. She’s not faking her libertarianism, because she thinks that libertarianism sucks and she doesn’t want anything to do with it. So if libertarianism is so lame, why is she a libertarian?

She’s not. She’s one of many race baiting liberal snobs who goes out of her way to make libertarianism look bad by calling it racist, sexist, homophobic, evil white male rape culture etc.. But, surely, she could do this just as easily by calling herself a leftist, so why bother with the fake “libertarian” persona?

Because nobody would listen to her. Labeling everything you don’t like as “bigotry” isn’t exactly a marketable skill, and what little market there is for it, is flooded with much more talented propagandists, and frankly, better looking women. If, on the other hand, you say you’re a libertarian, and label libertarians as bigots, well, now there’s a huge market for that, especially if you sit down to pee.

I’ve gone over this part repeatedly, but I will reiterate. There is a huge gender gap in libertarian circles. The vast majority of libertarians are single men. Their obsession with libertarianism makes dating mindless sheeple women very difficult, and so they tend to fantasize about libertarian women. As a result, they throw likes, comments, subscriptions, paypal, and bitcoins at pretty much any content producer lacking a penis, and calling themselves a libertarian.

If Cathy was honest, and called herself a Democrat, she would have to compete with Rachel Maddow, Maureen Dowd,Oprah Winfrey, and Arianna Huffington for all that attention. Since Cathy isn’t exactly the most articulate liberal around, she would fail to gain any market share in that market.

But it’s not just desperate, single, libertarian men that she gains the support of by doing this. Anybody who wants to make libertarianism look bad, totally has Cathy’s back. Whether you’re Fox News, and want to paint libertarians as liberals, or you’re MSNBC and you want to paint them as racists, Cathy, Antonio Buehler, and people like them, are perfect patsies for the main stream media to smear libertarianism.

But it’s not just liberals who pretend to be libertarians. Neo-conservatives, and other pro war, anti immigration statists love doing this too.

Rand Paul was just listed as the #1 most likely Republican presidential nominee for 2016. He did that by getting libertarian anti war activists, and neocon warhawks eating out of the same trough. You simply cannot do that, and be honest at the same time. You really have to master the art of political doublespeak to get polar opposite political ideologies to support you simultaneously, and in the end, somebody has to get screwed. My study of history tells me that politicians tend to screw liberty, and not State power, just like “left libertarians”.

So why fake being a libertarian? Whether your goal is political power, adsense revenues, disinformation, or just feeling important, calling yourself a libertarian gives you the opportunity to play big fish in our little pond. There’s a growing demographic here that is desperate to get people involved, especially women, and so even if you’re completely full of shit, you will be welcomed by thousands with open arms. You can make money, feel important, destroy your rivals, and even become the next President of the United States, just by being a dishonest scumbag charlatan, and that’s what liberals and other statists do best.


UPDATE 10:13pm: Cathy has responded to this article…

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