Two Police Officers Dead In Failed Effort at Revolution

Dead Men Don’t Start Revolutions

The good news is, two cops are dead. The bad news is, the two shooters, and what appears to be an innocent bystander are dead too. Officer Alyn Beck, 42, and Officer Igor Soldo, 32, of the Las Vegas Metro Police were gunned down inside Cici’s Pizza while eating lunch. The shooters, one male, one female, whose names have not to my knowledge been released – reportedly shouted “This is the start of a revolution” before opening fire.

My sympathies go out to the owners, employees, and innocent patrons of the Cici’s Pizza, and the innocent bystander who was shot. That’s about where my sympathies for this particular incident end.

People say the officers were “simply eating lunch” and so this was a clear cut case of murder. I could not disagree more. Those officers were merely taking a short break from the aggressions all police commit day in, and day out. Immediately after they got done with their break, they would inevitably have returned to their regular duties of harassing and extorting motorists, kidnapping people for possessing plants. They paid for their food, with money that was taken from people under the threats of violence that are taxation, and fines. While it’s a lot easier to draw the connection in something like the Justin Bourque incident, the fact remains that all police are aggressors. There is no such thing as a good cop.

It is by definition, impossible to murder an aggressor. It is an act of defensive, retaliatory, or preventive force, not aggression, to do violence to people who have no doubt harmed peaceful people, and will no doubt continue to peaceful harm people. Every free man, woman, and child has every moral and ethical right to use violence to put a stop to such threats, and the world is a better place without these two police officers victimizing the public.

What nobody has a right to do, is shoot up a pizzeria, a Walmart, and random innocent people on the streets. If this man and woman thought they were doing something to further the cause of liberty, they have not only failed to do so, they have completely missed the point. Worse than that, now they are dead. So they will never know the joy of understanding liberty, and they will never be able to do anything to further it.

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