Police Are Violent Extremists, Not Jasper Stam

A reader of this blog was arrested recently in Canada for allegedly “threatening to kill police”. The suspect, Jasper Stam, is reported to have been friends with Canadian cop killer Justin Bourque, and shared my article “Best of Luck, Justin Bourque” on Facebook. The National Post describes me as “an extremist American gun rights advocate who glorifies the deaths of police officers”.

To Jasper I say, thank you for having the courage to speak up. Justin’s actions were tactically misled, but morally correct. Yours (to the best of my understanding) were both morally and tactically correct, and you’re being attacked anyway. It’s wrong that the government is doing this to you, and in so doing they actually only prove our point. Police threaten to kill people every day for things as petty as driving “too fast” or having a tail light out. For this, they are given a paycheck and a pension and are worshiped as heroes. We simply point out the absurdity of this, and their propagandists go to work making us out to be the worst type of criminals.

To the National Post, and the rest of the media, I say you’re the ones “glorifying” the death of police. We’re not the ones turning their funerals into parades. I think their lives, and deaths, were actually rather frivolous. You’re the ones making them out to be “fallen heroes” for getting killed in the process of kidnappings and armed robberies. I’m an advocate of self defense. I’d far prefer these cops just quit their jobs and seek out productive employment, but I certainly applaud the bravery of men who have the courage to fight back when threatened with violence by armed thugs.

Police Are Violent Extremists, Not Jasper Stam
Police Are Violent Extremists, Not Jasper Stam

The real threat to society here, the real extremists, are the police. I simply write my own opinions on what was, until fairly recently, a relatively obscure blog. I simply believe that it’s wrong to initiate force against people, that it is wrong to steal, assault, kidnap, and murder, and that defending oneself against these aggressions is a perfectly normal thing to do. Police, and the rest of the State apparatus, are the ones who think it’s a great idea to have armored personnel carriers roaming the streets hunting down the brave men who resist their aggressions.

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