Radical Agenda EP012 - Problem Populations

Radical Agenda EP012 – Problem Populations

Saida Grundy, an assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Boston University says “White masculinity is THE problem” and that white college age males are a “problem population”. Because, you know, privilege and stuff. Actually, scratch that, this racist misandrist hasn’t even bothered to explain herself. Don’t worry though fellas, she hasn’t been fired.

Radical Agenda EP012 - Problem Populations
Radical Agenda EP012 – Problem Populations

Black males offing each other in record numbers, burning down businesses, glorifying gang culture, that stuff is awesome of course. Women destroying men through family courts, voting for wars they don’t have to fight in and taxes they don’t have to pay, totally righteous. It’s white masculinity that’s the problem with America.

That’s what passes for education in American universities today. That’s why students are graduating with $30,000 in student loan debt on average. To be told that white masculinity – not bad economic policy, war, an out of control police state, the war on drugs, the welfare state, or any number of other fanatical out of touch with reality government policies – is the problem.

You know what I think is a problem population? Uppity black whores who “teach” African American “studies” to students who will ultimately wind up on fuckin welfare because their “education” was without any fucking value whatsoever.

Bill Fortin of Keene, NH is a violent illiterate retard
Bill Fortin of Keene, NH is a violent illiterate retard

You know who else is a problem population? Illiterate fat old biker wannabes on Facebook. Get a load of this fuckin retard who attempted to get “Keene Cop Block” to meet him in a parking lot.

I was all too happy to meet Bill Fortin, of Keene New Hampshire, and see just what exactly he planned to do to stop us from recording. Tougher men than him have tried, and failed, of course.

Unfortunately, he went from threats of violence, to showing up at houses, to making legal threats of his own. So I, once again, called the Keene Police Department in to hopefully avoid a situation where I’ve got a pile of dead bodies in my wake.

You know what else is a problem with the population? White male femininity. I mean, since when are white males just bubbling over with masculinity? It doesn’t seem to me we’ve got nearly enough of that. Check out my conversation with former Free State Project President and Board Member, Varrin Swearingen. Varrin quite accidentally found himself face to face with me yesterday with a French Reporter between us, talking about my expulsion from the FSP, and why he supported the measure. Unsurprisingly, Varrin was very vague and didn’t want to give any specific answers publicly. Hardly a symbol of the toxic masculinity we keep hearing so much about from leftists these days.

The real problem population, ladies and gentlemen, I’m more and more convinced it’s humanity in general. Fuck em all.

In other news, police do a suicidal man a favor, a newspaper is sorry for publishing advocacy of Barack Obama’s assassination, and the US Military accidentally sent out a bunch of live anthrax! Whoopsie!

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